July 22, 2017 Social Media 0

In just a time period of 4 years, instagram has been able to gain more than 400 million viewers. It is now the core member of social media applications. Instagram and Facebook give the option of sharing pictures and videos, both provide the option of following others, this thus helps in watching the posts people share. Pictures and video sharing option come as an excellent option for salons to do internet marketing, to share their products services, packages, and demo videos. The video sharing option provides them the platform to share the type of work you do and the services you provide, you can portray a brand theme or image you would like to create for your salons with photos and videos.

Growth of Beauty Salon On Social Media

The beauty salon has gained much social media following during the past couple of years, marketing has now become much easier for salons, previously bill boards were the only option for them to market just the brand name. But now with social media, they are able to market not just the brand name, but its services as well.

Beauty salons have more social media following due to several reasons described below.

  • Makeup tutorials have gained much popularity lately and salons are using it as a major package to gain more customers, it also gives them the option to provide a demo of the services especially makeup and hair style related services.
  • The hashtag is another tool which is now being used to provide funny and Cathy headings to their customers. Hashtags may also represent the type of services and packages the offer most often during and sort of event.

Location On Social Media

  • Now location can also be mentioned or tagged on social media which also helps salon to market their services, the most common places they tag are usually the photo studios or wedding halls. Sometimes salons offer their services to clients living in other cities for that also they tag the place they are at so that other people could also call them. Captions are also used to mark the location. Sometimes salon owners move to different countries to gain more practice and training, this helps them to let their clients know about their new services, snap chat is another social media application which is now being used for video sharing.

Sharing Pictures With Followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

  • Before and after picture sharing allows the salon to show the difference they can bring their services. Transformation can be clearly explained with this option. To increase the audience for proving better services salons also buy twitter followers, instagram followers and facebook fan page likes. It’s another fast ladder to change fate on internet.
  • The major chunk of social media users are young people, so in order to gain their attention salons are using funny and quirky pictures and posts which are entirely related to their services and products
  • The promotional tool in today’s era for beauty salon is social media previously it was impossible for every salon to market their services and products but now anybody can share their brand name and services and are gaining attention in no time.
  • Picture sharing with followers on instagram and posting the is now being used by salon to provide an incentive to their clients it helps them to let their clients know that they can also look this good with using their services.