April 10, 2017 Energy 0

Fossils fuel is energy sources since many years. With extensive use, fossil and generation of petrol are decreasing day by day. Not only it is declining but is also causing considerable damages to environments. Global warming and depletion of the ozone layer are some of the destructions made by fossil fuel.To eliminate and stop these cause scientists insist on alternatives.They insist on renewable energy sources.Let’s have a look at types and importance of Renewable energy sources.

Types of Renewable energy sources

Before moving on let us have a look at the proper definition of renewable energy definition that is:

“Energy resources are such resources which are restocked on human timescale.”

The most commonly used renewable energy resources are directly or indirectly connected with the sun and solar energy. Almost all of the energy resources needs sunlight in their growth as sunlight brings winds, they produce vapors. Types of renewable energy resources are as under

  • I-Wind energy
  • Ii-Hydroelectric power
  • Iii-Geo thermal energy
  • Iv-solar energy
  • let us have a look at following.

Wind energy:

Wind energy base on windmills. Windmills have large fan blades. Those blades move with the heavy wind. Movement of those blades produces energy.  Coastal areas around the world are getting immense benefits of these winds. Windmills are also regarded as environmental friendly.

Hydroelectric Power:

The most common type of energy is hydroelectric power.In this water, waves are used move turbines and producing energy. The water is acquired from large reservoirs. This energy can be stored and used later on.  Even a small hydroelectric power system can generate energy for one farm, or house or small houses.

Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is energy released by the Earth. Geothermal heat pumps exchanges heat and cold into the shallow ground. In winter it pumps out heat to the building, and in summer it pumps in the heat of building from the shallow ground.

Solar energy:

Solar energy is getting its place in energy markets. Sun is responsible for producing energy directly or indirectly.Every energy source has its direct and indirect effects on every renewable power generation. Moreover, sun itself source of power generation.This energy is then captured through solar panels.These solar panels then produce electricity.This is also one of the cheap ways of producing energy.Even a house has its own mean of producing electricity. Besides being cost effective, it is also one of the environmental friendly.

Ocean energy

Ocean energy is another way of producing renewable energy resource.Oceans currents are used to generate thermal energy as well as mechanical energy. A barrage is used to convert tidal energy into electricity.This is much like thermal system.


Biomass is renewable energy resource. It is obtained from organic material of animals and plants. Wood and waste obtained by processing wood is its source.Other sources are food residues, animal manure, and human manure. Energy is produced from burning biomass. In the US about 5% energy is produced through biomass.

Well, now or tomorrow we may run short of fossil or other non-renewable energy resources. So we should move to towards about mention renewable energy sources.