April 9, 2017 World News 0

The overcrowding affects the performance, not only of the student but also of the teacher. This has been said by many educationists as well. The most children within Arab education comes fro very low economic background, some of which even lives below the poverty line.

The minister of education finds the main reason of overcrowding in Arab world education system was due to lack of classrooms. They noticed that preschools are very few in the Arab world and their demand is high. Every child of age three is ready to go school.

Education in the Arab world has expert and professional teachers. They want to give all knowledge and make the student perfect for future. The are making special policies to improve education in Arab world. All they are doing because they know today students is tomorrow future. A good future can lead you forward towards the success.

They are now giving special attention to end the overcrowding and make the education system perfect. Which gives the quality education. Education in Arab world countries like Kuwait is a good example of development in their education system.

Overcrowding in the Arab world education system:

The government imposes a law that in government building schools there must be only 30 students and in the rented building, there must be not more than 20 students. In the current situation, there are over 40 students in each class. Many teachers say that overcrowding creates a difficult situation for them to teach and also for the students to learn. Due to having a limit of time, they can’t have in depth discussions of school work. The government has announced special budgets for this purpose. They want to resolve this issues of big schools crowded by many students. But, the situation is still same, not enough schools to fulfill the demand. The education in the Arab world is overcrowded due to the government not paying much attention. With some attention, the system of education in the Arab world can run very smoothly.

The overcrowd have affected the results of students negatively. Educationist says that learning opportunity is less in a crowdedclass because having more than 25 students in the class are hard to control. Students can’t focus and understand the information.

Solutions to stop overcrowding in the education of Arab world:

The government set a good amount in their budget for education. There are trying to build more schools so that this overcrowding problem can be solved. One solution that was found to establish additional classes. Many teachers argued on it and said that it is not the right solution. The additional classroom required extra budget and equipment with more salaries for the teachers. To control the overcrowding in the schools, the admission should be given by academic performance. The government should take a step, many graduatesare unemployed seeking for a job.

The teachers should pay more for teaching in the populated cities. By doing all this, the government can reduce the overcrowding in the Arab world education system. Education in Arab world needs some improvement and attention.