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How to end overcrowding in Arab education system

April 9, 2017 World News 0

The overcrowding affects the performance, not only of the student but also of the teacher. This has been said by many educationists as well. The most children within Arab education comes fro very low economic background, some of which even lives below the poverty line. The minister of education finds the main reason of overcrowding… Read more

The “Les Citizens” movement organizes its first Insijam meeting

April 5, 2017 World News 0

This first meeting of the “Le Citizens” movement was held on January 27 in the city of Casablanca which allowed the participants to share several inspirational stories and experiences in education, employment, democracy and human rights. “Les Citizens” was represented by four of its members, the company director, Ghita Lahlou; Abdallah Tourabi, journalist; Laila Bennis,… Read more